Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Big Brother

I read the majority of an article this week that said the town of Greenwich Connecticut asked the show What Would You Do? to stop filming in their town. (and by majority of an article, I mean just the title) Upsetting, considering I was under the impression that the show could pop up anywhere in the country at any time. Namely, the front seat of my minivan. It wasn't a typical WWYD? scenario but I was convinced that the cameras were rolling.

A minute into my random act of kindness she asked if I could drive her to church instead of her home. It didn't leave me much time to practice my humbled yet appreciative reaction to what likely awaited us, but I agreed. Her whole congregation would be there I thought. Singing Amazing Grace in the parking lot with uplifted hands like they do in those Christian rock videos. I don't watch the show often, so as I tried to remember if the do-gooders received a big novelty check for being awesome, and considered what charity I'd make said check out to, I was interrupted by the small talk.

This is the part where I'm supposed to lose my cool and kick her out of the car I thought. Nice try Quinones!

"Make a left here." she said. The Methodist church was dark, closed, empty. She asked me to take her to a second church, Baptist this time, also closed. It was Monday after all.

I began to worry Ms. Daisy couldn't remember where she lived, or worst, that she didn't have a home. Alzheimer's, Dementia, old age? What ever it was, I wasn't prepared for real reality.

We wound up back at the Ralph's parking lot where we had met. What awaited us was far more useful than Quinones and his cameras. A security guard that seemed relieved to see Annie. He helped her out of the car and waved at me as if to say thanks I'll take care of it from here. I exhaled knowing that he would, weather the cameras were on or not.


  1. A little old lady got in your car and you drove her around town? You are way nicer than me.

  2. You mean it's Monday??? What a way to start the week. Just be glad you're not in Vegas, I'm sure she'd ask you to take her to a drive in chapel.

  3. We just bought a minivan last week. Does this mean a random old lady could show up in my van too????